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Mission statement:
“To transmit the system of Aikido in a way that encourages self realization. To provide a safe place to be challenged, explore and learn. To help others gain martial knowledge and ability”

Aikido of Fresno is a Dojo built around the idea of growth.  We are here to help you become a stronger person, mentally, physically and spiritually. Our school is open to all ages and ability levels, finding ways to present challenges that you can meet and overcome. We teach the martial system of Aikido in a way that allows you to not only physically defend yourself, but also improve your quality of life.

Aikido of Fresno is an offshoot of Fresno’s first Aikido organization, the Aikido club of Fresno, Which was formed by small group of Aikido practitioners in the late 1970's. The club was taken over by Patrick Cassidy Sensei when he came back to the Central valley after a 7-year study period in Japan with Morihiro Saito Sensei (founder of the Iwama style of Aikido).

In 1994 Cassidy Sensei formed Aikido of Fresno in the space where it stands today, at 1130 N. Wishon Ave in the heart of Fresno’s Tower district. In 2002 Cassidy Sensei left Fresno, handing the Dojo to Florian Tan Sensei who ran the Dojo until 2011 when it was taken over by Christopher Hein Sensei.

Christopher Hein Sensei is the current Dojo Cho (head of operations) at Aikido of Fresno. Hein Sensei began his Aikido career in 1998 with Cassidy Sensei here at Aikido of Fresno. Hein Sensei has acted as an assistant instructor at Aikido of Fresno for a number of years. Other than Aikido Hein Sensei has studied many other martial arts, including Chinese internal martial arts with author and western internal martial arts authority Tim Cartmell. While living in Southern California, Hein Sensei competed in several different kinds of martial arts tournaments including: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submissions Wrestling, MMA, and even a full contact stick fight with Southern California’s infamous “Dog Brothers”. Hein Sensei brings brings a varied and large body of knowledge and experience to Aikido of Fresno along with his passion for the art of Aikido.

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